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Capital Concrete is Edmonton's most reliable concrete placing & finishing company. Providing services to Edmonton's leading home builders means finishing the job the right way, on time, every time. We apply this principle to every job we do, from large-scale commercial projects to small-scale residential renovations and repairs.

Give us a call if you need concrete poured. We're experts at placing and finishing:

- Sidewalks
- Driveways
- Basements
- Garage Pads
- Exposed Aggregate
- Acid Stained & Patterned Floors

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Concrete Facts:

Concrete Pavement consistently serves 20-30 years without needing major repair, while asphalt generally lasts only 8-12 years before resurfacing, or significant repairs are required.

Is it a cement sidewalk or a concrete sidewalk?

Contrary to popular belief, it's actually made of concrete. Portland cement is the key ingredient in concrete, even though only a small amount (7-15%) is used to produce the end-result. Cement and concrete go hand in hand like yeast and bread.

The vast majority of cement goes into the production of concrete, perhaps explaining why the words often get mixed up.

Why "portland" cement?

No, Portland was not the name of the person who discovered cement. In fact, this unique blend of materials, which today represents over 99% of cement use, was invented by a British stone mason named Joseph Aspdin in 1824 in Leeds, England. He first made portland cement by burning powdered limestone and clay in his kitchen stove. By this crude method he laid the foundation for an industry which annually processes literally mountains of limestone, clay, cement rock, and other materials into a powder so fine it will pass through a sieve capable of holding water.

Cement is so fine that one pound of cement contains 150 billion grains

He called it "portland" to distinguish it from other cements of the day and because the resulting concrete resembled a highly prized stone quarried on the Isle of Portland.

Scientific breakthroughs have encouraged NASA to envision a concrete lunar base using moon rocks to produce "space-age" cement.

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